About me

I didn’t always know who ME was.

I most certainly wasn’t always an entrepreneur or aware that sharing my story would be inspiring and empowering to others.

The clients, my team, the community of people I have met along the way, none of that existed two years ago. In fact, it was for most of my adult life that I believed that I didn’t have many choices to choose from. I thought I had landed my dream job, but that turned into a ladder-climbing nightmare. But I knew I had to do what I had to do to “adult”. Right? It wasn’t until I opened my eyes and realized there was more in this big world to offer than I had ever even considered.

Two years ago, with two littles and a husband who plays competitive football, I invested in a virtual business with Rodan+Fields. Never would I have ever imagined that this opportunity would be my one way ticket to the best version of the rest of my life. That single investment led me to take a leave of absence from the government and live a life I never envisioned to be a reality. Today, most days, you can find me getting my boys on and off the bus, in yoga pants with a messy bun, my laptop on my lap working my business, prepping dinners in my cozy Barrhaven home. You will probably find me sipping on Dairy free lattes with Oat milk (so delishhhh) (or sometimes Titto’s and Soda Water – thank you Gluten Free) dreaming of ways I can help others be inspired to believe in themselves, help other entrepreneurs succeed by growing a profitable authentic business that allows them to live more and work less.

I am mostly known for being funny, direct, love football and watching my husband play, and pineapple everything. As a family we love Disney movies and our favourite destinations are Hawaii and New York City.

You know what I love about my life? I get to wake up every morning and do something I love. I get to make people feel whole about themselves and give them the courage to celebrate their enough-ness. I get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them! That is the most wonderful thing in the world, in fact, it’s definitely one hell of a way to leave a legacy in serving others. And believe it or not, I’ve actually been able to earn an income from it. So, needless to say I’m doing something I love!

Can I just whisper something to you real quick?
“How bout you just borrow the belief I have in YOU until yours is strong enough for you to see?                

Think about what that could mean for you?”