Here’s what you need to know and why you need to get rolling!

Did you know that skin cells renewal starts to slow down in our 20s and even more so our 40s!?

So what does the “slowdown” actually mean for your skin? It means it may cause your skin to appear dull, wrinkles may appear more prominent, your pores may seem to look enlarged and you may even see a loss of firmness.

ENTERS THE AMP MD SYSTEM – we call this white beauty-of-a-tool “the best-spent minute in skincare”. I know, I know… I sound extra, but boo, I ain’t kiddin ya! In just one minute per night, roll past those wrinkles and fast-forward your skin to a more firming and smooth appearance! It’s the best way to renew those skin cells, remove dead cells so that whatever you place on your skin next can do it’s job and hey! why not also maintain a healthy younger-looking skin. Can I get an AMEN!?

So here is how this fabulous duo can help you “wake-up fabulous”! This powerful duo will seriously make some pretty impactful transformations for your skin! It is a perfect combination of micro-exfoliation (AMP MD Roller) with a powerful concentrate of peptides and Retinal (Intensive Renewing Serum) that will leave you with a lasting impression! One I’m sure others will notice too! 😉 Clinical studies have shown that combining this duo with the Redefine Regimen led to seeing visible firming effects in just a few short weeks!

Also seen in other fabulous magazines such as Allure.

So this is what you need to know about our fabulous roller. It’s highly precise micro-exfoliating technology is truly what helps get your skin feeling and appearing firm, smooth and revitalized. That’s not it! It has an added bonus! This tool will also help your products be more effective by allowing for better product penetration! Hence why it will enhance and speed up your results!

These amazing little blue capsules is just like that little black dress you need to have in your closet! You never know when you will need them til ya need them! Okayyyy!? The Intensive Renewing Serum (IRS) encourages the natural renewing process to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin appearing more vibrant than ever! So now I bet you’re wondering what makes this little blue capsule more special than regular Retinal? IRS is jam packed with powerful Peptides and an exclusive Retinal-MD technology. This is a form of Vitamin A that is proven to be more efficient and more gentler than Retinol. You could totally get away with using this every day!

Alright! So now I bet you’re wondering what you should do with all this information!? It’s really pretty simple! It’s time to “roll” back in time and get firmer, healthier, younger-looking skin! So stop waiting and start doing!

Let’s see what regimen meets your needs! Check out my Solution Tool to take a little quiz for all the answers to your questions about which products would suit your needs! Go on! Stop stalling!




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