Light Up Your World

There is something about the sand in between my toes, hot sun beaming down on my back, that distinct smell of the fresh breeze and the sound of waves crashing down.

Every time I go to my favourite beach, all my stress goes away, the tension in my muscles release. All the thoughts of the outside world disappear! I don’t know what it is about this particular place but it just makes all my worries disappear!

Ko’Olina, Oahu

Now as much as I would love to be able to escape to this spot every time I am feeling the need for that “feel good feeling”, it is just a little unrealistic at the moment. But what I do find works for me in my day to day, is listening to podcasts to get me back on track, spending a good 30 minutes of quiet time reflecting in my journal while waking up at the crack of dawn while the kids are still sleeping. TJ is always the first the leave the house for the gym. Never met anyone so disciplined as he is! #goals

So here is my challenge to you! Pop at least one thing in your calendar that makes you feel good! I don’t care what it is! It could be a run, a coffee with a friend, dance to your favourite song! It’s time that you make “feeling good” a priority! Just because you are busy doesn’t it make it worthy to feel stressed! Cause GUESS WHAT!? We are ALL BUSY and STRESSED!!!!

When you PRIORITIZE something in your life that makes you feel good, you are developing a consistency, a practice! Do that on the regular and I promise you everything with goodness will follow!

So, tell me, what fun, energizing, feel-good activity are you going to be prioritizing a spot in your calendar? Shout it out here now in the comments!

Make feel good a priority! Do it now!




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