Four Things I Have Learned

Living A Lifestyle Outside the Conventional Standards.

#1: YOUR FAN CLUB STARTS WITH YOU: When you decide to own your own business, work for yourself and not for someone – that alone is living an unconventional standard way of life according to how other’s say it’s “suppose to” look like. When you are all-in and decide to take a “different” path, you become crystal clear about who stands behind you and cheers you on and who stands behind you and tries to pull you down. Notice how I wrote TRIES!!?? 😉 I AM my #1 FAN! When you accept that you need to be your #1 fan, then those who are genuinely in your corner, will cheer you on! So go on with your bad self and lead the way!

#2: YOU ARE GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN: You see, most people follow the norm. Most people follow the path that generations before us did because “that’s what you’re suppose to do”. Most people will think what you are doing is insane, potentially irresponsible. Some might even think that it’s too hard, too much sacrifice, too much dedication, too much obsession. That last sentence? THEY ARE RIGHT! I can tell you first hand that I AM working hard, I AM making sacrifices – some pretty big ones and daily ones. BUT to me they aren’t sacrifices. They are CHOICES. Choices that I know will benefit my future if I just keep at it. I AM also dedicated and I AM obsessed too because I AM going to SUCCEED and I will be thanking myself of all the choices I made to get me there! In fact! My success today is already ten fold from a couple of years ago! My success today means I put my family first! My success today means I put myself first! My success today means I AM the best BOSS anyone could ask for!

#3: YOU HAVE CONTROL: You have control over your thoughts! You have control over your actions. You have control over your choices. You have control if you want to WIN! YOU. HAVE. CONTROL!

#4: KINDNESS, GRATITUDE & FULFILLMENT MATTER: That second you get a taste, of what those two words can do for you, you get hooked! Kinda like that first sip of coffee in the morning! I’m talking about that feeling where you realize your purpose! Whatever that purpose may look like for you! I’m not talking about money! Money doesn’t make you feel fulfilled! I’m talking letting go who you thought you were suppose to be or become and stepping into who you are and love who you have become – you’re fullest potential! I really urge you all to do this daily practice that I have been doing for a bit over a year now. I guarantee you, if you make it your daily ritual, EVERY SINGLE DAY not matter where you are, it will change your life! Take a minute and write down everything you are grateful for – all that you HAVE and couldn’t live without! Write it all down! Then write down your life goals 5 years from now. And last but not least – go out there and spread some kindness! Kindness WINS every damn time! I PROMISE you, once you CHOOSE to live daily kind, fulfilled and grateful – it will transform your life like it has done for me!


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