Why it’s WORTH IT

Why is the “hard” WORTH IT? Why is the rejection and countless “No’s” WORTH IT? Why is the “I’m not where I hoped I be by now” worth it? Why is the following YOUR path, which looks very different than most, WORTH IT? Here is WHY all of these statements make it WORTH it!

“SUCCESS all depends on the second letter”

– Jay Kubassek

My standard response whenever TJ asks me “is everything ok?” tends to be “I’m always ok” and I know how much that drives him crazy, but it’s the truth! When things jump off the rails a bit it somehow tends to “figure itself out“. It’s those moments that, if you pay close attention to it, you will find a lesson to learn OR what I have found to be true – it’s an opportunity for GROWTH! When reflecting those moments, the biggest practice/learning for me has been to trust that I meant to be exactly where I am and that better days are coming! This is what growing pains feels like! This is personal growth! This is what it means to ELEVATE!!! BOOM!!! You just need to push through the hard stuff!

Here’s why its hard. You might be feeling lost, or don’t know what the heck your doing. It could be that you are feeling nervous, anxious, doubtful… Then you might lead with thoughts of “i am I good enough for this?” or “is it worth it?

See, here’s the thing, people always LOVE to buy, BUT we HATE to sell! But what we don’t realize is that when I share with you my favourite restaurant, or my favourite wine, I know we all do it, that’s called selling!!! That’s the God’s honest truth and having an e-commerce business has taught me just that! And there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! There is nothing wrong with being unconventional! If anything you will widen your breadth of experiences benefiting you in different aspects of your life that you probably never even considered! It could be making you a better mom, human or even employee!

What I do know to be true, is pushing through with perseverance, grit and determination and constantly reminding yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing, WHY you are gonna continue to keep on going and WHAT you can create for yourself if you don’t live in the What if mind set! That right there is WHY IT’S WORTH IT!

You too are cut out for this and it IS going to pay off, but like every single thing in life, nothing truly worth having comes easy. And the sad things is, I have seen it far too many times where people give up FAR. TO. SOON!!!

Listen, there’s no secret! To be successful and see the “why it’s worth it” it’s going to take consistency, trust, getting out of your comfort zone, doubting yourself, falling, getting back up, figuring it out and most importantly – KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!! Then when you look back, you will be able to see that you have come so far simply because you decided NOT TO GIVE UP!

I could not be any more grateful in not missing a moment, being fulfilled, and waking up every morning with a happy heart loving what I am doing for a living. Traveling often, creating memories, and living in complete alignment! That right there is WHY IT IS WORTH IT!



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