It’s. GLOW. Time!

Some of you may know that I have a background in Medical Aesthetics and Make-Up Artistry. And even when it came to my Wedding Day I struggled with the thought of someone else doing my make-up! Thanks to TJ, he convinced me that I deserve to get pampered. And guess what I learned, even though it’s hard to let go of having to be in control LOL, I too love to be pampered! When I was at an R+F Beauty Bash, there was a Make-Up artist onsite! And she took great care of my face! LOL
I so love how this turned out! By using 3 out of the 6 flexible shades, my skin was visibly more smooth and flawless looking!
My radiant defense shades are a blend of Beige and Sand with a tinge of Shell for the under eye area to make my eyes pop!

Dermacosmetics at it’s greatest!
Radiance Defense Perfecting Liquid

So I bet you’re thinking, WHY is Glowing skin on trend at the moment? Well firstly, it’s a sign of healthy, younger looking skin but it is also a sign of self-care! So important to remember that self-care matters!

Everyone wants to leave their house in the morning feeling great and with a product that leaves a nice finishing touch! But here’s why our product is different than foundations, tinted moisturizers, bb creams and cc creams. Having a shade finishing product that is so brilliant that actually takes care of your skin just like skincare products do (not to mention added SPF for your protection) all while living your busy life is truly something extraordinary! I have said goodbye to my 40% off discount at MAC simply because I said Bye Felicia 👋, I mean Goodbye Foundation! and Hello! Radiant Defense!

So this summer, with all the busy GO-GO-GO, if you see me (and trust me-you will either in person or on social) just know I’m rockin’ a Radiant Defense on trend with a timeless healthy kind of glow.


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