A Special Birthday Wish

Wishing this most incredible human the happiest of birthdays! Not a day goes by where I am not grateful and thankful for everything you do for me, Maddex and Tyrus!

Maddex on the left and Tyrus on the right giving daddy a big smooch!
Thanks to @hellolovelyottawa for capturing a perfect moment

You are loved by many and I can see why!You encourage, push and love us in ways no one else will ever do! And we couldn’t love you more!
As I sit back and think over the last 16 years we have had to celebrate your born day, I think about all the happiest times we have had together and all that we have accomplished together. But what I also see is the life we have yet to live and experience together! The road we are on today! And this is the one reminder I have, we are not going to live with regrets!We are not going to put “work” first;We are going to love what we do in life and have fun doing it;We are going to live a healthy lifestyleWe are going to vacation a lot, We are going to live in the moment;We are going to give back;We are going to love and enjoy life and all that fuels our soul.
WHY? Because in the end we only get one life to live and we are gonna live it hard! We will continue to live it together and for our family.
So for today, tomorrow and forever, we wish you the Happiest of Birthday’s and may all your hopes and dreams come true!


Mel, Maddex & Tyrus




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