Did you know ….

TJ and I have been together for 16 years and it wasn’t until we were together for 7 years that he proposed?
I guess he reallllllly wanted make sure we truly were the real Bonnie and Clyde! LOL

I was 32 when Maddex was born and 33 when Tyrus was born. We often get asked if they are twins but even they know the answer – “we are 18 months apart”

So… did you learn something new about us?

After all this time, we continue to have the best time together as though it is just the beginning! These three are truly my compass and my anchor. They are the ones who inspire me, comfort me and push me to great heights and no matter what joy or disappointment I face, which let’s be real happens sometimes more than we would like, they truly are my happy place! No amounts of money or things we may think we want or think we need can ever compare to the relationship we have….they are my everything!


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