Time. Empower. Ambition. Motivation – T.E.A.M

These are four main words that we live our life by in the TEAM Williams home and we work really hard at instilling it in our boys day in and day out! As parents, we strive to teach our boys to live their best life and we also believe these four words to be valuable lessons in life in teaching them the true meaning of happiness. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is finding balance in the chaos of parenting, being a wife, an entrepreneur – shoot! Being a human! Being an adult and all the pressures in society of being the way we should be to please everyone else in our life.

Our favorite place on earth – Ko’Olina, HI

As I get older I really realize the value of TIME. As a mom I see how fast time flies and how we truly never get it back and how important it is to live in the moment. I have also learned the importance of living an empowered life and empowering our boys to live that way too! Something you see when they are at such a young age, is how much our boys mimic and copy everything they see us do. And this is not just them hearing me say “SHIT” or worse and them repeating it LOL… you may have heard me say before I am able to work my business most days from home with a messy bun, yoga pants, make-up free, while they sleep, and earning while I sleep… The Ambition I have to be what my own definition of successful is, is something I want them to see and learn from a young age so that so that they can also have those same practices in their life. Because when they find their passion in life, they will find their own motivation to follow their dreams.

Everything I do is for them, my TEAM #TeamWilliams. These three are the ones that make me laugh the loudest, smile the biggest and encourage me to live the best life I possibly can! The TIME I spend with them means everything to me! When memories like these pop up I can’t tell you how much more I value those words that we live by!

“You Had Me At Aloha”


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