Mala Making Workshop

“You are being presented with two choices EVOLVE or REPEAT. What will you choose?”

“Created over millions of years, crystals harness the life giving elements of the Earth and the universe.” – ELEVEN LOVE

Come join us for an invigorating, cleansing, re-energizing Mala Making Workshop powered by the one and only Eleven Love.

During this workshop, you will hear why I was inspired to make a change in my life and here’s to hoping that we can inspire you to live in your fullest potential. Join us in this incredible workshop and take home your very own Mala bracelet made by YOU!

My Mala’s symbolize Confidence, Strength, Warrior, Love and Calmness

This Mala Making Workshop will help to connect you to your intensions, getting to know the crystals and how they can work for you and help you manifest what you desire.

I can tell you first hand that when I made these two beauties it symbolized so much and I can’t wait to make my next one! These are daily reminders for me in what my intensions are and what I have set out to accomplish in this universe. So I urge you to join in the fun! Above all, you can be sure to expect lots of fun and laughter!

Click HERE for more details and to register.

Looking forward to seeing you there!




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