LIVE RICH… not the way you think

Warning… this get’s a bit vulnerable…

Most people don’t wake up one day and decide to become an Entrepreneur. They definitely don’t wake up thinking that they are gonna work in Network Marketing! They surely don’t think it can bring in an income to support their entire family. But you know what the funny thing is? Who would have ever thought 20, heck even 10 years ago, people would be earning millions from doing Youtube videos, running a business using their own cars (Uber) and houses (AirBnb), leveraging social platforms like Instagram and Facebook? You catch my drift?

Virtual business means work from anywhere! Phoenix, AZ

In 2018, my husband and I decided to take a detoured path in our life’s journey and take a leap of faith! We decided that I was gonna put more focus on our family to be more PRESENT for them today and their future. How? Well, by taking a leave of absence from my GREAT paying job in the government to be home with our boys and experience the precious moments that don’t last a lifetime like get our kids on and off the bus, being a part of our school community, being a more present mom, wife and daughter. It all sounds so perfect. I’m sure you can picture it all right now – all rainbows and butterflies. Well what I didn’t mention was the constant struggle I have with myself day in and day out. The struggle of feeling like I have failed. The struggle of feeling like I am not doing enough, not responsible enough… all at the age 37. Maybe I feel this way because I am approaching my 38th birthday? But here I am, 7 months later and I ask myself, did I make the right decision? My family is walking along side me every step of the way as we are taking a HUGE pay cut so that I can go out there in this world and make a difference and pursue my passion in doing something that I love! Building a business which the ultimate vehicle of what I define as success in my life. It brings me to tears just writing this and thinking about the sacrifices they have all made for ME!!! Who am I to deserve this chance? I’m not in my 20’s or single! I have a husband, two kids, a mortgage and everything else that comes with adulting. What? We need milk and eggs? Nope need to wait til next pay. What? We missed this bill payment? Ok, next pay… The cycle just seemed to continue on and on. I just kept saying to myself “You missed your stop girl”

You see, when I started my business, it was then that I realized all that all this time I was missing out on life. I don’t know what happened, what caused the switch to flick but there it was. That moment of truth! It’s now or never! So when we decided to go on this path, I knew that it was gonna take time and I knew that I wasn’t gonna get to that place I longed for quickly but I decided that my goal is to get to a place where not only will I be matching my previous income but I would also be in a place where I am Living Rich! I know what you are thinking! “WOW, is she ever shallow”. Well, let me explain what LIVING RICH means to me! Living Rich to me means that I have achieved financial stability where I am I able to provide my family with what they want and need (with no financial pressure attached) and something much bigger than that! It is to also to have the financial stability to give back BIG in this world. There are so many people who have so little in our very own backyards and we don’t even know it. I want to be able to provide something so great to someone so that they too can think BIG about the life they want to live! Whatever that may look like for them! Living Rich to me also means feeling fulfilled in every aspect of my life. Living in my fullest potential! And this journey seems to be the best way for me to do that! To be the one on the other side of the phone knowing what I have helped someone else achieve something they never thought was possible is incredibly humbling! Representation is something so important to me and it’s SO effective! People who in their adult stages of life can pursue something new and different. They can make a life altering career change, they can become something so great it gives them chills. If you are new to this concept and channel of business and you see what I have been doing and think maybe you wanna be that, or can see yourself in this position – that right there is the most powerful thing ever!

Hicked the hardest climb – Camelback Mountain. Phoenix, Arizona

Today my success is defined by being a full-time mom, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, advocate and influencer. I wanna be the one to show my KIDS, to show my HUSBAND, to show my FRIENDS and FAMILY and to show YOU that ALL things are possible. It is never too late reach the top of that mountain and the best way to get up there is to keep climbing! The struggle and juggle that comes with running your own business is exactly all those same steps I encountered when climbing to the top of the Cambelback mountain. What I can tell you, is you deserve to be up top and take in the beautiful sites too! You deserve to be here! So, I am here to say to you AND to me, fight though it! Don’t look for that ticket to save you. SAVE YOURSELF! Be your own HERO! Dream it, cause girl, you are not crazy!

My hope is that you find something within my posts that makes you feel worthy, beautiful and strong both on the inside and out and that you share this with all your friends!




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