Above the clouds.

“Even when the sky is filled with clouds, the sun still shines above.”

Took this picture above the clouds – somewhere between Toronto, ON and Los Angeles, CA

There is something about being on an airplane, up in the sky above the clouds with the most beautiful sights. It seems to release these endorphins of being on top of the world. It’s perfect. It’s breathtaking. It’s freeing. The sun shines bright. There’s no defined beginning, middle or end. It allows you to just get lost in the clouds and think about so many aspects of your life.

It was at that moment I knew, it all clicked. I am meant to be exactly where I am, I surrender!

I surrendered to the greater purpose of understanding what it means to trust the process. Trust the path that I am on and to love my journey. I am at a place in my life where I am transitioning from one chapter to the next and all I could think about while sitting on the plane, writing this piece, was how grateful I am for all I have experienced over the last year. I will be honest, although there were MANY times of pure joy there were also trying times. It was those times where it took me a while to realize that it was a true learning experience. Here I was, reflecting in the most perfect magical setting. It’s so incredible how along our journey there will be twists and turns and there will be moments of doubt and maybe even moments of disappointment but the absolute most important thing I have learned along the way is, it is your JOB in life to live the best possible version of yourself. It’s truly that simple! So don’t fight the universe with the one chance you have at doing life! Embrace it, love it, bless it and welcome it! We are all perfectly awesome kick-ass humans who just need to take a moment and enjoy the sights of who we are and how amazing we are! This is YOU! Go out and love it! It truly is a practice. One that boils down to training your mind and your body will follow.

I always have these football analogies being a Football wifey and all, so here it is…

Believe you can make plays (practice, practice, practice) and your body will prove it come game time!




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