Find your TRIBE and love them hard

When you hear the saying find your “tribe” it often relates to finding a support system, a sisterhood, a brotherhood, a community, or building an authentic relationship… I think it’s human nature to search for a sense of belonging. As humans we tend to gravitate towards those who reflect the kind of qualities we admire and aspire to adapt to. These are just some of the kinds of qualities we seek in people, which often mirrors our values in life both personally and professionally! What I can say for certain is that I am so blessed to not only have these types of amazing people in my life as friends but also those I get to work with.

This girl right here! Part of my tribe!

Friends, meet Sara! I couldn’t not be more blessed to work with such an incredible human! As we near a year and a half of working together, we have both learned so much about the challenges and successes faced in being an entrepreneur and yet we keep pushing forward together during the amazing times and the hard times. I could not be more proud to have you as my business partner, my power partner, friend, and sister (from another mister)! You’re hard work, dedication, determination and no excuses attitude is what will bring you to the top of the top of our company, and I can’t wait to be there along side you!
2019 is an exciting time for our company and I am excited that we get to do this together! Cheers to you and to #riseup


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