Everything happens for a divine purpose.

There is a meaning behind every outcome!

You’ve just gotta dig deep and I guarantee you you find out exactly what the meaning behind it is! As you may know, I’m in a creative industry where I am constantly serving people. I’m always meeting new people and developing new relationships. It has truly been an incredible journey, I’ll tell you that much! Along the way I’ve met some pretty incredible people. Many of my Rodan+Fields friends have become more then friends, they are family! A sisterhood unlike no other! Seems expected right!? They just “get” me and understand why I do what I do. They may be doing it for difference reasons but bottom line there’s a similar purpose for more – they get me! Is it because they see what I see? Let’s be real for a second here, a lot of people, simply put, don’t get it! I have gotten a lot of “are you crazy” or “oh, you’re doing that” but you know what the hardest lesson has been? Not caring what others think and moving on! It’s like that saying “Your circle should want to see you win. Your circle should clap loudly when you have good news. If not, get a new circle.” That was sooooo hard for me!!! I was always so confident talking about my business and why I do what I do. But it was so easy feeling confident when I was surrounded by my R+F sisters because, like I said, they just got it! But deep down I was so afraid of what people thought about me and above all making sure I didn’t disappoint my family. I got to a point where, quite honestly, I was starting to feel broken. I was starting to feel stuck, like a piece of me was missing. It was like that fire within me was missing. It was starting to feel like I picked the hardest path. My dreams are just SO BIG. “How could I ever make them happen?” is all I kept asking myself. So here I was, my big bad self, pretending to be happy and positive minded until it just felt like I was seriously crumbling. The fear of failure was coming on strong. Then it happened, I was out at a photoshoot event surrounded by other women entrepreneurs.

 And then I met this GEM of a human! Ms. Taryn Watts. Taryn is a Transformational Life Coach, and creator of the Mind Rebel Method. This woman is not only an incredible human but she literally transformed my life! Transformed me to who I have become today. When we met, we connected! There was just something about her that I made me want to stay connected! During the photoshoot the photographer took this picture. When I saw it, right then and there I knew it was a sign from the Universe! I knew I just had to work with her! I knew in that moment there was something about her that was gonna be the exact change I needed. And let me tell you, was I right! We got to the root of my challenges, my fears, the things that were holding me back. The things getting in my way from loving life and what I was created to do! I knew I was made for so much more but I had a huge creative block standing in my way.

During our sessions, we often talked about how everyone has a story to tell. A Hero’s Journey! Mine is Moana. Yup the Disney character! I’m just cool like that LOL – ok maybe not…picture this tho, the scene where Moana is on the boat and has given up on her journey and threw the heart of Tafiti back into the ocean. It’s that moment, Moana believes that she is the wrong person chosen for the quest that she is on and throws the gem back into the ocean. The ocean believed otherwise! The ocean knew that she was just the right person to carryout this journey and returned the heart of Tafiti right back into the hands of Moana. Ok, so you’re probably wondering where I am going with this? I’m telling you this because it was at that exact moment, where we had this metaphoric discussion and envisioned the scene description, it made everything SO clear – like crystal clear. We dug soooo deep, right into my soul. This is where I saw who I truly am and what I was created to do. What I am most passionate about. WHY I am doing what I am doing. My family, my business, the events, my life! All of it! I opened my creativity block and allowed myself to be more aware of where I am headed to fullfill the life I yearn for and more importantly deserve. I will forever be thankful and grateful for Taryn and all that she has done for me and the beautiful friendship that has formed in all of this!

So tell me who are you in your Hero’s Journey?





  1. Christine
    December 2, 2018 / 2:43 AM

    Moana is pure inspiration! Mine is Malala Yousafzai – talk about courage and strength, I think of her and believe anything can be done! Great post Mel, I hope you can hear the clapping from here…. you are like Moana…,pure inspiration.

    • MelisaWilliams
      December 2, 2018 / 3:31 AM

      Thanks Christine!!! Means the world to me and so does your unconditional support!

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